Experienced and enthusiastic computing student offering exciting programming lessons in Glasgow and Paisley (Java, Python, SQL)

Szabo D.

Daniel Szabo
Igazolt fiók:

programozás, JAVA programozás, objektumorientált programozás, lineáris programozás, procedurális programozás
Tanít online / skype-on keresztül is
3000Ft - 3500Ft 60 percért
délelőtt, délután, este, hétvégén
csoportokat is tanít

I believe in problem solving as the best way of learning programming. As I already know what problems to give my students and how to lead them to the solution, they experience both a very steep learning curve and lots of success as positive feedback. I teach very intensively with 2 and 3 hour long practicing sessions, but the most important aspect is that the student enjoys what we are doing, so I am always flexible with both my pace and style of tutoring.

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