Improve your English quickly and successfully with me in 2021!

Gubbins S.

Gubbins S.
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angol nyelv
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6000Ft - 6000Ft 60 percért
délelőtt, délután, este, hétvégén
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100% megválaszolt üzenetek
23h a válasz idejének átlagos gyorsasága

Hi, I'm Steve.
I am a qualified, experienced, native English speaker from New Zealand now living in Europe for 20 years who has also studied German, Czech, French and Indonesian.

I can help you quickly improve your English because I have
- BA in Linguistics and Trinity TESOL Certificate
- trained several hundred Teachers of English as a Foreign language as a former TEFL Teacher Trainer
- over 20 years experience teaching and training English and Business Skills to individuals and groups in private, business and school settings

As well as English I have delivered presentation skills, team building, sales skills and systems training
I really enjoy helping people improve their language skills.and languages are also my hobby :)

I am looking for motivated people like you who want to be at home, the office, school or anywhere you want to be and study English by Video Call :)

Is this you? You want to:
- speak a lot
- improve your fluency
- improve your pronunciation
- have your grammatical errors corrected
- learn how to avoid similar mistakes in the future
- ask any questions you have about English
- and mainly: Have fun and enjoy learning!

Contact me and book a free 15 minute 'Hello!' lesson so we can meet each other :)
I'm looking forward to hearing from you

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