Daniel G.

Daniel G.
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angol nyelv - konverzáció, angol nyelv
Tanít online / skype-on keresztül is
3000Ft - 4000Ft 60 percért
délelőtt, délután, este, hétvégén
A magántanár házhoz megy

Think you've seen enough American television?

Fancy fine-tuning your conversation skills to a native standard?

Wanna speak exclusively in idioms?

Well, you've strolled into the right place...

I can't offer you formal English classes, but I can offer a chance to practice casual conversation.

Naturally, I'll be extending any English language-related advice, and helping improve any other aspects you'd like to focus on.

F I R S T - L E S S O N - I S - F O R - F R E E

We can discuss the specifics of how you'd like to part with your money and chew some fat with the remaining time!

Hope to hear from you!


Daniel Glockler

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