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Jakubjakova K.

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Jakubjakova K.

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English directly from Canada: Conversations / IELTS / Business English / General English

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  • Előnyben részesített időpontok: délután, este, hétvégén
Előnyben részesített időpontok: délután, este, hétvégén
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If you've been learning English for a while, but are looking to develop more accuracy and style, greater ease in speaking and writing, and the ability to communicate confidently and effectively in a wider range of situations, consider signing up for lessons with me.

My name is Kamila. I have spent the last 7 years working and traveling abroad including places such as Dubai and Canada.

I have extensive experience teaching adults and teenagers both online and in person.

My teaching style is patient, fun, and structured. I want you to feel comfortable with me but I also want you to benefit from each of my classes.

I specialize in 4 types of English lessons:

1. Conversational English: I can help you practice your conversation skills. We can discuss any topics that interest you and topics relevant to your everyday life. I will focus on expanding your vocabulary and improving your grammar.

2. IELTS exam preparation: I will identify the areas you need to focus on in order to improve your score and have a range of tools and techniques you can work with to immediately boost your score.

3. Business English and Job Interview Preparation: We can go through topics such as emailing, business meetings, sales and negotiation, business small talk /networking, telephone conversations, etc.

As per interview preparation, I will give you the most common interview questions, body language, and other tips and hacks to make a great first impression. Together we can role-play your interview so that you can feel more at ease and confident.

4. General English: I can help you to take your English to the next level. Together we can practice grammar, conversation and expand your vocabulary.

The sessions will be via Zoom.

I'm happy to offer you the first trial session for free.

I'm looking forward to seeing you in my class.

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