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Sopr E.

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Sopr E.

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Professional tutor of English, Czech and Italian

  • Online tanórákat kínál
  • Ártól  9900 Ft
  • Előnyben részesített időpontok: délelőtt, délután, este, hétvégén
Ár Ártól 9900 Ft
Előnyben részesített időpontok: délelőtt, délután, este, hétvégén
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Ahoj/Hi/Ciao! My name's Ellen and I'm a originally from Prague, though at home I speak English and have studied at Italian schools in the past. I have been teaching these three languages for more than 6 years now to people from all over the world 🌎
I'm patient and I know how hard it can be to learn a language (I myself am learning Hungarian at the moment). I'll gladly explain everything to you as many times as you need. People learn at different paces and so I always make an individual teaching plan for each student to get the best results possible in a way that's fun and engaging.
Lessons include grammar, conversation, listening exercises, reading comprehension, and sometimes also games so we don't go crazy :) I'll help you with getting to know the language and becoming sure in speaking it, even with native speakers. No need to buy textbooks - I'll make sure you have all the materials we will need during our lessons.
If you're interested in my lessons, feel free to contact me for a free 30 min trial lesson :)


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