Dario F.

Dario F.

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Dario F.

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My name is Dario, I am a Chilean citizen studying at Eötvös Lóránt Tudományegyetem, in the Anglisztika BSc (English and American Studies Bsc.). I am fond of languages and therefore, I enjoy teaching them. In the last years, I had the opportunity to teach English to some of my peers and decided to offer classes online. I have mastered English by myself and have IELTS and TOEFL C2 language exams. I give classes dedicated to improving communication skills, grammar and I also help in the preparation to take international language exams.
Additionally, as a native Spanish speaker, I also offer Spanish classes to improve your communication skills, correct essays and teach slang; however, knowledge of English is a must.

I hope to get to know you soon and help you achieve your English and/or Spanish goals!


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