Ali M.

Ali M.

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Ali M.

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Experienced Teacher & Perky Native English Speaker!

  • Online tanórákat kínál
  • Ártól  5000 Ft
  • Előnyben részesített időpontok: délelőtt, hétvégén
Ár Ártól 5000 Ft
Előnyben részesített időpontok: délelőtt, hétvégén


Hi there Parents and Learners!
I’m Maria, an English Literature student (BA), Freelance Teacher and certified ESOL teacher/Instructor with 4 years experience.

Are you looking for:
📌 A tutor for your kids’ language development?
📌An adult learner looking to strengthen your English skills?
📌 To be more confident communicating at work or in an international environment ?
📌 To prepare for IELTS exams?
📌 Or just want someone to talk to?
Look no further, I’m your Tutor!

With classroom experience in a language school, speaking club and international primary school, my teaching methodology is catered to each learners’ needs regardless of age and English level.

As Freelancer I carry out assigned lessons for language schools diligently, different rates may apply. Possibility to commute.

Feel free to contact me :)


Standard lesson

5000 Ft / 60 perc
English for Children

Hi there parents! Unlock your child’s language potential with an experienced English tutor for children between the ages 4-11 years old. With classroom management and etiquette obtained from working in an international primary school and language school, I have the background to support your child’s learning experience.

6000 Ft / 60 perc