Anna H.

Anna H.

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Anna H.

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learn English in context through media and pop culture

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  • Ártól  8000 Ft
Ár Ártól 8000 Ft
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Gen Z friendly English classes!
My classes are also perfect for anyone, of any age who likes learning through media and pop culture.

My English lessons are speaking and listening focused. I also incorporate Netflix shows, TikToks, YouTube videos and Twitch streams into the curriculum to make language learning fun and engaging. I believe that learning through context makes language learning extremely rewarding while it still being enjoyable.

I have a background in finance and also teach business English classes with the same multimedia approach using news segments and articles.

My classes are personalized to each individual student to meet their respective goals. While my main focus is improving the speaking and listening skills of my students I can also cover some grammar points that you may struggle with or explain how to best tackle the writing section of a language exam.

Additionally, ahead of the spring semester finals season I'm also teaching exam prep classes where we specifically review the topics that will be on your exam. I also share tips and tricks to help you get great results and boost your confidence.

Please feel free to book a class.

Classes are 50 minutes long.

8,000 HUF for a General English class
10,000 HUF for a Business English class


Standard óra

8000 Ft / 55 perc